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A  PYXIS NAUTICA   is a constellation named after the 'nautical orientator'. Just as the orientator served to guide sailors at sea, we help to direct our clients' investments in order to achieve their goals.



Architectural design

Design of small and large scale buildings. Transformation, reconstruction, extension planning. Project preparation, survey, concept plan, preparation of authorization plan and procedure, preparation of execution plan. Project follow-up, design technical management. Conducting the commissioning and maintenance authorization procedure. Project management, publication.

Interior design

Interior design of offices, public buildings, shops, residential buildings. Project preparation, survey, concept plan, interior design execution plan. Furniture design. Project management, publication.

General design

Involvement and coordination of disciplines, such as building mechanics, building electricity, supporting structure, fire protection, road and utility planning, landscape architecture, elevator design, noise and vibration protection, art historian, etc.

Consulting, project preparation

We provide assistance with questions that arise during the start of a construction project. Construction regulation and site inspection and survey. Installation feasibility test.

Project management

Competing and selecting contractors and suppliers during own design projects, coordination and scheduling of deliveries.

Pyxis Nautica Csapat

About us

Our enthusiastic, creative Budapest architectural and interior design studio was founded in the summer of 2017 by László Monori, Dávid Tóth and Tamás Tótszabó. We work on projects of various scales with a broad design team as general designers.

We carry out large-scale projects with confidence, but we also place great emphasis on small tasks. It is important for us to be able to create high-quality architectural spaces. Based on the needs of our customers, we create interiors and buildings with an investor's approach and good-natured ambition.

Which we are proud of