Modern & Breitner Store & Residential House Lobby

The building located at Deák Ferenc Square 3 was built based on the designs of Sámuel Révész and József Kollár in the so-called Jugendstil, which is considered as a rarity in Hungary. The apartments of the condominium were chopped up into smaller ones in the 1960s, this had the effect that a new main entrance had to be created. When designing the renovation works of the doorway, it was an exciting task to redefine and simplify the zigzaggy lobby with modern means, but respecting the history and values of the building, to the extent that we arrive at a calm and easily interpretable room as the final result. 

Due to the meagreness of the space, we applied light materials. The homogenous surfaces are complemented with brass details - e.g. the pedestal, the notice board, and the nameplate, which also “rhyme” with the metallic fittings of the luminaires. 

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