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Ófalu Guest House and Horse Rest Area

Ófalu is located at the border of Baranya and Tolna counties, it is an idyllic cul-de-sac, or ‚zsákfalu’ along the South Transdanubian route of the National Blue Trail.   The client family also lives in the village; thus they knew very well that the land located in the middle of the settlement and on the banks of the Rák stream can become an excellent location for representative rural tourism. Our first task was to design the guest house by utilizing the previous building. The added wooden structure attaching to the shorter side of the building, drawing a new facade for the house, created a covered terrace, which bestows the arrival with the feeling of being protected. 

Old and new masses are reunited into one building through common tiling. In the meantime, the building over the way went on sale, thus the house located at the crossroads of two streets could become a handy addition to the guest house; it’s basically a roof standing on two feet, which could serve as a community space, as well as a horse rest area.

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