Irányi Palace

Our task was the reconstruction and comprehensive interior design planning of the building erected in 1897. Initially, it was the headquarters of the oppositional society called “Sasok” (Eagles), later it hosted public and Budapest-based construction companies.  It incorporated a restaurant, a club and a so-called “csengetős mozi”, a cinema for couples. As an architecture intervention, we are tearing down the roof, which will be replaced by a new, two-story, reinforced concrete mansard roof, the cantilever corridors in the inner courtyard will be modernized, and the elevator that used to operate in the former inner yard will be built into the space carved out of the inside of the building through an impressive static move.

The building will reopen its gates as an office building for rent in 2020 - after 20 years of neglect. When designing the interior of the house, we execute a concept that lets the structures built a hundred years ago predominate, while creates contemporary spaces for offices and headquarters functioning in 2020.

Megtaláltam, pontosan mit jelent a csengetős mozi (mielőtt vége lett a filmnek, csengettek egyet az ügyelők, hogy szétrebbenjenek a párok), de ezt olyan kevesen ismerik még magyarul is, hogy én javasolnám ennek a kifejezésnek a kivételét innen – helyette csak a házimozit hagynám.

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