Baker’s House

The client came to us in the autumn of 2017 with the intention to have a new, autonomous house built on a plot of land they owned in Vasztélypuszta. In the functional distribution of the various floors, it was crucial to have the cellar, the kitchen and the dining room on the ground floor, while the bedroom and the living room on the first floor - taking into consideration the option for a nice view. The environment is enchantingly beautiful with groves, bushes, and primordial grass being located at the borders of a Natura 2000 site. 

Our objective was to ‘hide’ the building and to fit it into the landscape, thus the area with bushes at the brink of the plot seemed to be an ideal building site. For having a view, we lifted the living room with the accompanying terrace, and we placed the lower building area into its environment by using gabion cladding elements.

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