Pyxis Nautica Office

For our architecture and interior design office established only back in 2017, as a very first step, it was of utmost importance to find our place in the city. Finally, we selected a place at the bottom of the Buda Castle in Víziváros. We sought to find a popular, still quiet location, where we could live the atmosphere of the city in its entirety, not just look at it from afar, from an upper floor of a building. It’s a lucky coincidence that our needs condensed into one building designed by Péter Reimholz. 

 The staircase linking the Szalag and Donáti Streets represents such a modern urban space, which fits well into the zigzaggy, lovable character of District I. The colors of our already established image served as the base for the design, which was complemented with block-like furniture and the chicken photo series of photographer Dániel Szalai.

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