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Telenor, Westend

Following the store created at Astoria, three additional stores have been completed based on our plans in the countryside, in the towns of Várpalota, Keszthely, and Mezőkövesd. Based on feedback from customers and employees, we modified some of the layout and the design of the furniture after the opening to facilitate more ergonomically sound design. However, the materials and the concept have stayed the same.

Birch plywood softens the elegant, somewhat colder anthracite surfaces and makes them feel cozy. The large number of plants are equally important, as are the pastel colors of the lamps illuminating the plants, which loosen up both the structured plaster that resembles concrete and the anthracite surfaces.

We counted on a large number of product placements, screens, and illuminated logos, so we tried to make the environment as neutral as possible to avoid a noisy end result. This design will stand the test of time, and it will also be compatible with upcoming brand content. Exciting details about designing the new image can be accessed HERE.

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