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Baker’s House

The client approached us during the fall of 2017 with his intention to build a new, autonomous detached house on his lot in Vasztélypuszta. An important requirement was when allocating the functions of the floors that the cellar, kitchen, and diner should be located on the ground floor, while the bedroom and the living room should be on the first floor, to integrate the view from the site.

The environment is a particularly beautiful piece of ancient turf with shrubs and groves, located next to a Natura 2000 nature reserve site.

We wanted to hide the building, to fit it into the landscape, so the bushy, scrubby area at the edge of the lot seemed to be the ideal location to build. To accommodate the view, we elevated the living room and the adjoining patio, and we integrated the lower parts of the building into the environment with the help of gabion facade cladding.

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