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BudaPart Lobby

The lobby celebrates the experience of homecoming - this process is indicated horizontally through a three-way split. We designed 11 lobbies in four residential buildings, as well as the common areas of BudaPart Gate. The layout of each space is different, and virtually all boast some unique design solution. For example, in building C we have created a light installation that simulates falling leaves, where the movement is evoked by luminaires placed under each other. The flooring of several lobbies continues the characteristic elements of the BudaPart image through subtly diverging, broken lines that resonate with the billowing of the Danube.

The first zone is essentially the internalization of the exterior facade, i.e. the color continues that of the exterior zone. The second space is neutral, warm, and cozy, while the third one is a more intimate zone, with a different color. Typically this is the elevator lobby. The three zones follow each other, and the entire area is split by a vertical division.

Coziness is not only created through color: custom-made seating, designer lamps, elegant, round mirrors soften the atmosphere. We also harmonized the color of the ceiling and the lamps with the color of the zones.

More detail is here!

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