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Family home in Balatonfüred

One positive outcome of a digital world is that for some professions you do not have to be physically present to complete a job, which makes it easier to choose your place of residence more freely.
Therefore, this house is both a fully functioning family home and a house by Lake Balaton, although it is not a holiday home. The goal was to create a fully functioning living space for a family with three children in a way that incorporates the atmosphere of vacation in the vicinity of the “Hungarian Sea”.

A well-defined line separates the service spaces on the ground floor from the large, open-space kitchen-diner-living room area, and the space allocated to working from home also appears more markedly than an office corner typically does in the layout of a generic detached house.
The children’s spaces and the parents’ living area upstairs are similarly divided along this line.

The starting point for massing is a simple white block, in which large, deeply-seated, accentuated wood-framed windows poke holes. A large skylight that blends into the kitchen window divides the mass above the staircase into two, imitating a wide crevice, thus ensuring the necessary natural light for the middle section and central passage of the building. The side of the building fully opens to the garden, creating a link between the row of daytime functions and the patio and the garden.

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