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Detached house in Budakalász

The site is on a plot that lies parallel to a slim “handle” on the plateau of Budakalász, above Budai road, and it has a south-southwestern orientation with superb views. The client asked us to design a “traditional” plastered-wall house with a double-pitched, tiled roof, incorporating a little playfulness at the same time. Accordingly, a building will be created with a basement, a ground floor, and a loft, with a facade and canopy that is closed towards the “handle”, i.e. the street, and open towards the southwest garden. The shape of the roof provides the playfulness, where the tiled double-pitched roof extends beyond the outlines of the building and becomes a canopy clad in sheet metal, which alternates between bending at high and at low angles. The other twists are the slight “pitch” of the outlines of the walls by the bedroom on the ground floor, and “biting off” part of the covered patio beside the kitchen.

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