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University of Debrecen National Manufacturing-Research-Teaching Center and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The building is planned to consist of two main functional units. One part of the building provides a suitable infrastructural background for the theoretical and practical training and research and teaching activities of the Faculty of Pharmacy on an area of approximately 4,600 m2, while the other will function as a pharmaceutical manufacturing technology GMP and IFS plant on an area of 1,800 m2.
The interesting part of the design is the meeting of the different characters of the two main functions within one building. In this, the public and open educational building forms a composition with the closed, box-like mass of the production unit. To solve this, the research work taking place in the laboratories served as inspiration: dissolution, effervescence, thus the spectacular process of chemical transformation itself. During the chemical reaction, the two different building masses interact with each other. The white foam-like upper mass dissolves the lower angular material, and it reacts, thereby creating larger openings that float on the white facade.

In the new research center, the University, in addition to its own projects, also provides research and production opportunities for industrial partners connected to the health industry cluster created by the university, which is unique in our country in terms of general university operations. In the research and development laboratory, according to the plans, it will be possible to develop various products in the laboratory, especially pharmaceutical preparations that can be registered. The educational wing will house the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Debrecen and its four departments, the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, the Department of Biopharmaceutics, the Department of Pharmacology and the Department of Medicinal Plants and Drug Studies. Our company is currently developing the execution plans with the coordination of about 22 specialized designers.

visual design: Zoltán Gazdag

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