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GAL vitamin manufacturing hall

The illustrious Hungarian vitamin manufacturer is known for its positive brand attitude, which they also wanted to communicate when creating their industrial building. The employees’ comfort was central from the start, in other words, creating spaces where the colleagues participating in production are happy to spend their time.
This is not only true for the communal areas but also for the technological zones, where the aim was to have a view of the lush side garden that frames the building. Thus, these zones, beyond meeting the technological requirements, are also human, pleasant, and bright.
The form of the building is playful compared to the rigid and functional world of production halls, its mass rises gradually, and its covered and open spaces, and the pillars placed sporadically on the outside of the facade make its mass seem more three-dimensional. 

The cropped parts and patios of the building are covered in some places and open in others, further softening the block-like appearance of the building. The facade is further nuanced by subtle changes of color: the general greyish panel color of the facade changes to a warmer shade in the communal areas.
The two main functions of the hall are storing ingredients and manufacturing, which are divided by areas dedicated to offices and laboratories, and spaces for social and communal purposes. The structure and layout of the building make it possible for the areas devoted to the two main activities (storage and manufacturing) to be changed later, which was also an important requirement of the client.

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