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Heineken HQ

Our office was commissioned to plan the interior design of the new office of HEINEKEN Hungária Sörgyárak Zrt. in June 2021. As Project Manager, CBRE helped us do the preparatory work, select the new rental property, and conduct the preliminary needs assessment. As a result of the consultation process, the client chose a more practical and more compact new-build office rental on the Aréna Business Campus developed by ATENOR to replace their previous office on Dózsa György street.

Thanks to the careful preparation, the client already arrived with specific requests, a roughly accurate budget, a finalized schedule, as well as their own brandbook, so the substantive part of the planning process could proceed at a quick pace. When planning the new office, we took into consideration the characteristics of the newly built rental zone, its basic technical parameters, the lighting and ceiling structure provided by the builder, and we complemented this with low-key, textural interior design occasionally characterized by industrial simplicity, in order to keep the project costs at the most optimal level possible.

Our goal was to integrate the distributed brands into the interior design rather than only display them on the labels. The reception counter is a good example for this, where the iconic HEINEKEN glass bottle appears en masse, forming a curved, generous counter, with the slightly tilted bottles representing the gesture of offering a drink. The conference rooms are of various sizes, and they are named after different brands. They subtly differ from the main design both graphically and in their flooring, but they match each other in terms of pattern and texture.

Since the client is a multi-brand company, i.e. it brings together several factories and distributes a range of different products, we were looking for a coherent atmosphere that could serve as an appropriate background throughout the office space. In the end, we used untreated concrete surfaces on the general office walls to visualize this “industrial look”. We did not plan extra cladding for these sections, and we did not paint them, either, which both reduces costs and is a strong gesture at the same time. Another example of cost-effective design is also one of our favorite details: the conscious use of the red fire doors at the fire compartment lines, which did not incur any additional cost, but it visualizes the red color of the central image at the right time and place.
It was our great pleasure to see that the HEINEKEN team was happy to take over its new office following a period of transition, where they can continue their useful activities to all our satisfaction in a 1,200 sqm office space equipped with many functions that aid their work every day.

Photo: Bálint Jaksa

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