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Irányi Palace

Our task was to redesign the building, built in 1897, and prepare comprehensive interior design plans. The building was initially the headquarter of the opposition society called “Sasok” (Eagles) and later housed construction companies owned by the municipality of Budapest and the state. It has housed restaurants, clubs, and seedy movie theaters. As part of the architectural intervention, the roof will be dismantled, and it will be replaced by a new, two-storey reinforced concrete sloped roof slab, the cantilever corridors facing the courtyard will be modernized, and the elevator that used to be located in the courtyard will be incorporated into a space sliced off the interior of the building through a feat of engineering. 

The building reopened its doors in 2020 as an office building, following 20 years of neglect. We carried out a concept in the interior design of the building that allows the structures incorporated a hundred years ago to shine but also creates contemporary spaces for a 2020 function, to serve as office headquarters.

Attractive office spaces

We know what ends the home office. We tailor your office to your branding and needs, but we also take the location into account. Request a free consultation and let's discuss the details of your project!

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