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Catholic community center in Balatonszőlős

Father Jeromos Mihályi, the vicar of the Name of the Virgin Mary Catholic church in Balatonszőlős, who also serves as the prefect of the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany, commissioned us to plan a community building for the small Balatonszőlős congregation, where churchgoers can gather for religious or other community events. The building is located in the churchyard, so the events related to mass can easily be continued in the meetinghouse and the churchyard.

The building includes a communal space as well as a sacristy with and en-suite bathroom and a communal bathroom. It is a playful clash of the building masses and pinpoints the corner point of the lot through its broken mass, respecting the churchyard as the superior function. 

Photo: Bálint Jaksa


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