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Compact House in Pilisszentkereszt

We had a lot set on a slight slope and a desire for a compact house. The task was to create a living space that experiences its environment and brings it into its interior. The goal was to create a small-scale living space that contradicts its scale through its spatial design. The answer was not to be found in separate, well-defined rooms, instead we created an open-space spatial experience that is still divided into well-defined zones, using the characteristics of the terrain and playing with the floor planes of the interior space.


The buffer zone dividing/connecting the living room and the kitchen-diner is meant to invoke a lush jungle, and its glass cover strengthens the feeling of being “out in nature”, while the two building masses are also presented from an interesting perspective and provide an exciting sense of space.

Each important zone on the ground floor has its own access to the garden, while the “patios” that can be lowered down outside the bedrooms and also serve as blinds constitute the link to the outside on the first floor. We have designed a bedroom-study-bathroom pavilion for a second phase in case the family grows in the future.


It is closed off to the street, but it is fully open towards the garden on both floors. When facing it from the garden, its virtually unnoticeable glass and metal surfaces reflect the forest, or the building “lies low”. Its appearance invokes container houses, implying a temporary nature. As if it was a wanderer and said,

“I’m a guest in this landscape, and I’ve come to contemplate...”

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