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Loft B31

The apartment is located in one of the most majestic 19th-century industrial buildings of District IX, in the Gizella Steam Mill, which initially operated as a mill and was later reborn as a condominium. In light of the interior, we had a clean, well-organizable space at our hands. The high-quality closing systems, the beautiful raw bricks of the façade, the high headroom and the fact that the load-bearing walls had not been erected within the apartment, all contributed to our well-crafted, ‘clean slate’ which we could begin to work with.

The center of the apartment interior is the representative living space, which reveals itself upon entering, and around which private rooms are structured. In the living room, we sought to recall the 19th-century industrial past of the building with the raw concrete and bricks, which are highlighted and framed by clean, snowy white surfaces from below and above.

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