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Mediterranean House, Köveskál

The house in Köveskál has a Mediterranean vibe and was designed for a level terrain. It is a potential answer to how living spaces can be separated from each other in a way that they remain closely connected with each other.

The austere mass and design are important features, which is also taken up in the choice of materials. Beside the plastered, masonry surfaces, wood also plays an important role both in terms of the interior cladding and the furniture. This house is more closed off to the outside and turns towards the inside. Different groups of functions are strung together and enclose the interior courtyard, the oasis of the lot, like a cocoon. Minimalizing private space and treating it as sufficient, the building encourages the common use of space. This is supported by the living room-diner-kitchen, the children’s living room, and the interior courtyard, which is divided by large glass surfaces and can be accessed through the different blocks.


The above-mentioned groups of functions are separated from each other not only in their mass but also in their height, adding to the dynamics of the space while also keeping the scale human. The materials, colors, and forms create a harmonic unit in the interior spaces, while the more irregular, curved pieces of furniture reduce the angular nature of the masses.

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