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Modern & Breitner

Lobby of a department store and apartment complex

The building at 3 Deák Ferenc square was built in 1910, based on the plans of Sámuel Révész and József Kollár, in the style of Jugendstil, which is rare in Hungary. The property was split into small apartments during the 1960s, when a new main entrance was also added. When designing the renovation of the doorway, it was an exciting task to reframe and simplify the rambling hallway with the help of modern tools, while respecting the history and values of the building to the extent that the end result is a calm space that can be easily understood.

We used bright materials to overcome the tightness of the space. The homogeneous surfaces are complemented by brass details, for example in the baseboard, the message board, the company sign, and the inserts of the door handles, rhyming with the metal fittings of the light fixtures. Additional details here.

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