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Apartment Houses in Nemesvita

Nemesvita is a small village with exceptional geographical features, located to the north of Balatonederics. The collection of apartment houses located on a wooded plot at the outskirts of the village and the nature reserve uses an interplay of the traditional form language typical of the Káli Basin and the playfulness of forest cabins in its architecture. In addition to two large, multibedroom apartment buildings, we designed four cabins scattered around the forest for families, as well as buildings for a spa, a restaurant, and a café-reception.

The ridges of the buildings staircase down to the valley in parallel with the existing slope of the terrain, while on the south side the interior can be made more intimate with the help of a retractable wooden shading system. When appointing the buildings, it was of primary importance that no trees should be cut down, and that the construction should involve the least amount of excavation work possible. 

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