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Ófalu Guest House and Rest Stop for Riders

Ófalu is an idyllic village at the border of Baranya and Tolna counties, located by the Southern Transdanubia route of the National Blue Trail.  The client’s family also lives in the village, so they were well aware that the lot located by Rák creek, in the center of the village, could be an excellent location for representative rural hospitality. Our first task was to create a guest house, using the original building. The wooden extension creates a new face for the house and is linked to the shorter side of the building, creating a covered patio, which provides a sense of protection upon arrival. 

The new and old masses are healed into one building by their shared roof tiling. In the meantime, the building opposite this one came up for sale, so the building located at the intersection of the two streets became a good complement to the guest house; it is in fact a roof on stilts, which can serve as a community center and a rest stop for riders.

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