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Villa in Pasarét

The building wants to answer the question how a two-bedroom detached house can work as one space without dividing walls in a way that its residents also have access to their own private space. Thanks to the split-level design, the service spaces (bathroom, pantry, storage room, garden shed) are hidden on the ground floor, the living space on the 4.5m-high mezzanine functions as a kitchen, diner, and living room, while the bedrooms on the first floor are positioned privately due to the raised design.

A tree is in the center of the building, which both brings nature into the interior, produces an exciting interplay of light and shade during different times of the day, and acts as a semi-transparent divider between the two bedrooms. The connection with nature also appears beyond the large glass walls, by the stairs: we can access the lower level parallel to the outside walkway, as if walking outside. The mass and exterior of the building originates in the interior functions, the views, and the see-through nature of the design, while the monolithic blocks split into several smaller pieces along the glass walls.

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