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Supercharge - Szeged

At Supercharge, they create innovative digital solutions for their customers, covering the entire product cycle from design to development. During their projects, they strive to ensure that our products have a positive impact on the development of the world and provide answers to real social and economic problems. Since their more than a decade of existence, they have dreamed up a lot of digital products, which are now used by millions worldwide.

The new Szeged office was established in the heart of the city, in a modern building on Kígyó utca opening from Klauzál tér. Based on HQ's experience, the open office has a mix of flexi and fixed workstations. In addition to 18 traditional workstations, the focus room accommodates 2 additional workstations. In addition, two 7-person meeting rooms and one-person phone booths enable even more efficient work, which provide the opportunity to withdraw from the open office space. The office space can thus provide space for a total of 30-35 people.

In addition to functionality, great emphasis was placed on creating a homely community space. It was an important aspect that the office should also be suitable for social life outside of working hours, for which the lounge and the kitchen opening from it can provide a suitable place. In the communal space, in the comfortable lounge area, the team can film or play video games to relieve tension after a challenging day or an important meeting. 

The space-limiting perforated steel furniture placed in the center of the interior is a defining interior design element of the space from all directions. The use of colors and materials characteristic of the new office fits the image of the company, they echo in every room, and appear in the kitchen and office furniture. The passorganized, but at the same time worker-friendly space organization provides a suitable environment for today's workplace and is also suitable for meeting the needs that will arise in the future.

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