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Telenor, Astoria

The goal of our concept was to make customers feel that they are in a friendly space that resembles a café rather than a cold, high-tech store that provides customer service.


Based on the guidelines, we divided the previous store space into two parts. On one side, the store continues to function in a renewed form, while the other side has gained new content, and a new space opens up that transcends the telecommunication functions: we have created an open workspace, which the public will also be able to use soon, keeping safety in mind. Telenor has ceded a larger portion of the back-office area to future customers: a four-person and an eight-person meeting room, as well as a conference room have been created.


We have used birch plywood on the walls to be able to design exciting details and create a friendly atmosphere, and the furniture is also made of the same material.

Birch plywood softens the elegant, somewhat colder anthracite surfaces and makes them feel cozy. The large number of plants are equally important, as are the pastel colors of the lamps illuminating the plants, which loosen up both the structured plaster that resembles concrete and the anthracite surfaces. We counted on a large number of product placements, screens, and illuminated logos, so we tried to make the environment as neutral as possible to avoid a noisy end result. This design will stand the test of time, and it will also be compatible with upcoming brand content. Exciting details about designing the new image can be accessed HERE.

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