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CLT House at the Lake

We designed a compact family house near Lake Venice for our dear architectural photographer friend Bálint Jaksa and his family. The shape of the building is compact, its size is optimal, and we designed it tailored to the needs of the family.

The structure of the house was made with CLT, i.e. Cross Laminated Timber technology, i.e. the walls of the building have a layered wooden structure, which were prefabricated in an Austrian factory, and they were put in place on site within 3 days. The other professional works will be completed within 4 months.

In this series of articles, you can follow the construction process, from the foundation to the finished house, with the help of Pyxis Nautica and WOOD IS MORE.

In some sections you can also find 2 articles:

  1. From the perspective of the customer, Bálint Jaksa

  2. From the perspective of the architect-designer Tamás Tótszabó

The article is constantly updated when the project reaches a new milestone.

1. part:

CLT house construction

1.1 - Every beginning is hard

Where should the house be built? Who should be the designer? Which technology should we choose? Who should be the contractor? Dilemmas, an emotional roller coaster from the customer's point of view.

CLT house construction

1.2 - House by the lake - Through the eyes of the architect

You can also read about the aspects according to which the planning took place, as well as the circumstances of the commission.

Read how the project started from the point of view of Tamás Tótszabó.

2. part

CLT house construction - foundation

2.1 - START

In the next part, you can find out on what criteria the designer, architect and contractor were chosen, and we also report on the builder's first steps: demolition and foundation.

CLT house construction - design

2.2 - The plot, features, orientation

About the site's properties, buildability, orientation, as well as the local "Township image handbook" you can read about its criteria from the perspective of the architect-designer.

3. part

CLT house construction - structure construction

3.1 - Like a house of cards

Read how the prefabricated house was built in 3 days and what difficulties had to be overcome during transport and assembly. Account of the customer Bálint Jaksa.

3.2 - The design, the planning

Tamás Tótszabó / Pyxis Nautica, that is, from the architect's point of view, you can get to know the variables of the magic equation along which the final blueprint was formed.

4. part

4.1 - Halfway

Besides the many technical details, aesthetics are the most important thing to pay attention to. In the case of a CLT house, you have to dream well in advance. Dilemmas from the point of view of Bálint Jaksa.

4.2 - What is CLT?

In addition to the aesthetic solutions, we will now examine the technical details and see what advantages CLT technology has. Tamás Tótszabó explains what CLT is.

5. part

5.1 - Roof on the house

The construction has reached a milestone. The building is finally under roof, and the final form of the house can be seen. Moments of relief from the pen of Bálint Jaksa can be read in the article below.

6. part

6.1 - Windows and doors have been added

It fills the owner with peace of mind when he turns the key in the door of his house. Electrical and mechanical work began, which was not without surprises this time either.

7. part

7.1 - Insulation and mechanical solutions

New color, new aesthetic solutions, front walls and more! There are always new surprises while the house is being built and beautified...

8. part

8 - The house will soon be home

Decisions have to be made now, which greatly affect the final design. You can't rough it, you can't leave it for later, because the time has come!

9. part

9 - Everything is slowly falling into place

The kitchen is being prepared, the parquet and carpet are in place, and more and more details are being put in place every day. We are an arm's length away from the end. Read Bálint Jaksa's report.

Would you like to follow the construction of the CLT house?

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