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What is CLT? What are the benefits?

CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is a type of prefabricated laminated-glued wood support structure, which has many advantages. The technology is still young, it started at the end of the 1990s, but in Austria, Germany, and Scandinavia it has already become a common construction method in the last twenty years. Nowadays, houses with several to ten floors are built from it. It is still considered fresh in our country, and we are convinced that the revolution of the method took place here in these years.

CLT panel
CLT panel

What is important to know

- prefabricated solid wood support structure of at least 3 layers of wooden boards turned at 90 degrees

- usually 10 cm wall width, 14-15 cm slab and roof thickness

- panel thickness: 6-50cm

- panel size: max 16.50m long, 3.50m high

- panel heights: 2.45, 2.50, 2.73, 2.95, 3.10, 3.20, 3.30, 3.40, 3.50 m

- minimum panel length: 8.25 m

- surfaces: factory, industrial look, look

- manufacturers: KLH, Binderholz, Jafholz, etc.

CLT house
ready-made CLT house

What are the advantages of CLT construction?

- fast - structurally ready in 2-3 days after foundation

- accurate - straight, flat, right-angled structures, openings, surfaces

- doors and windows that can be ordered at the same time as the structure due to the opening accuracy

- thin structural layers (e.g. outer wall 10cm wood + 20cm thermal insulation = 30cm)

- possibility of visible (and tangible) wooden surfaces

- light but heavy-duty, strong, rigid structure, earthquake resistant

- sustainable (material from sustainable wood management)

- fireproof - in case of fire, the edges of the panel are charred, so the core of the structure remains protected

- an entire structure can be realized from it (wall, slab, roof, stairs, canopy, etc.)

- panels that can be shaped, chiseled or milled afterwards (e.g. for electric wires)


- still not cheaper than brick construction (~ HUF 700,000 / m2 + VAT turnkey price approx)

- can only be used in places that can be craned and are accessible by truck

- can only be implemented with a competent contractor

CLT house under construction

If you like the technology, have further questions, would you like to build a house, find us and we also help with planning and implementation!

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