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The Interior Design Company of the Year 2019: Pyxis Nautica

Pyxis Nautica won the Interior Designer Company of the Year 2019 award at the Office of the Year competition. This is a big deal not only because the independent jury of the 10th Office of the Year competition selected the best out of 175 applications, but also because also, because our team is still extremely young: it started only three years ago, and the three founders, Tamás Tótszabó and Dávid Tóth, were born in 1986, and László Monori in January 1987.

And what was the secret of success in the competition? In addition to dedication, design & build approach, i.e. Pyxis does not leave the project after the design, but keeps the execution under control throughout, even until the last picture is in place. This is how it happened in the case of Palazzo Hunyadi, nominated for the Office of the Year competition. The classic values and strong character of the patinated building at the foot of the Castle were kept during the renovation, but at the same time they created a brave and determined concept of their own, which they continued throughout. The kitchen with dark blue walls is particularly progressive: it is powerful and surprising, and if we took it out of the building, we would miss it very much.

The cuisine of Palazzo Hunyadi is deservedly famous

They created a separate graphic image for the interior design and found the direction of "classic graphic content with a modern twist". Renaissance portraits appear in various parts of the building, in the meeting room you can admire the earliest Schedel engraving of Buda Castle, from around 1470, and at the same time, the painting of a tennis court suggested by the landlord was also included, which is in perfect color harmony with the wall of the given room.

The involvement of the associated arts - which was also used at Palazzo Hunyadi - is prominently present in several projects of Pyxis Nautica, after all, visual culture as a whole is also considered important, not just architectural solutions; that is why they prefer to call themselves a design company.

Pyxis was founded in the summer of 2017 by László Monori, Dávid Tóth and Tamás Tótszabó, since then the team has doubled with Ágnes Péntek, Kis Ferencand Igor Valastyán > with his arrival. You can read more about the founders here, and about Palazzo Hunyadi here < /a>we wrote in the post.

You can see Pyxis' performance at the Office of the Year award ceremony in the video below:

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