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When the architect dreams...

When only the architect dreams of the house, it usually does not become reality, it remains a dream. A building, construction, concrete product can be realized as a result of the dialogue, decision and dream of two partners.In addition to dreams, there are other factors that influence the birth of a building. For example, the limitation of financial possibilities, or the routine from everyday life, which gives the primary form of the floor plan. Everyone has space use experience and desires - these are summed up in a sketch, which is placed on the table at the first meeting from the depths of the vest pockets.

House in Pécs - Where does a house end? Are the built objects surrounding it still part of the building?

The builder's intention is often more specific than the description of the function, but the architect would often be happy if he only received a list of requirements and a specific plot of land, that is enough to put together a well-functioning program. In addition, the personality and the character of the builder are essential components of a good house, and the architect is also happy to work in the role of program maker. These two go head to head in the discourse, with the remark that this is not the designer's program, but that of those who will live in the house. This subjective factor must be respected even if this happens to be the client's first house and the architect's twentieth. A communication challenge for both parties.

Continuing in the series of circumstances independent of dreams, it can be said that even in the emptiness of the plot itself, it has some kind of orientation, without any pathos it can be said that the spirit of the place can be really felt. The next feature is regulation, which, for better or worse, can sometimes be difficult to interpret in several ways due to its complexity, but it is definitely a guideline.

Kövskáli House - How good an idea is it to "scenicize" an entire landscape unit, and how can the architecture of other cultures be adapted to our country?

As a result of two parties and countless circumstances, the unique product is finally created that someone will feel like home. The house, which is both prosaically functional and extremely subjective, is the result of taste, intention and opportunity in the process of dialogue between the client and the architect.

However, this series of plans is not the imprint of this dialogue.

Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that building a house is one of the most important visible acts of a person's life. In general, he tries to follow the best and safest decisions accordingly. He believes and sees what can be safely implemented, for which there is already an established example. He does this because in this way he can no longer rely only on his imagination in his decisions, but on something more tangible - or in this case it is more appropriate to say: something more visible to the eye.

These two approaches are seemingly opposite, while one side would choose the commissioner, the other would paddle into new waters, celebrating the uniqueness of each plan. It would create. This is the best way to express the purpose of creating our design series.

Zen house in Budaliget - How can a family house follow the changes in the lives of its residents? The pillar-frame family house

We felt it was important to carry out preliminary studies and set our own references in the field of the family residential building. This is how an imaginary field table was created - free from the above constraints - on which we could freely formulate, experiment and carry out solutions that we would otherwise not be able to do without stakes - so that after the individual work we could finally discuss the finished plans together, let's enjoy the variety of building characters and architectural ideas created.We looked into each other's heads, we were curious about each other's inner world. We tried to influence individual thoughts as little as possible, we didn't dictate the program or the location, so six completely different houses were born as a result. Personal guidelines emerged, subtle differences in thinking, space creation and shaping emerged. It was exciting to see that everyone's focus was a little different: in one house, the floor plan idea is strong, in another, the sense of space, and in the third, the expansion of the interior space. Each one is different, which was great to watch as a series with floor plans, renderings, and a brief description of the designer.

Pasaréti villa - Can a single-family house be one-story, and if so, how can the intimacy of the different functions be preserved?

We found that the inclusion of nature, the emphasis on the living space, and the light and airy space organization was a common idea. It became clear that there are values that are common to all of them, so we can consider them as basic principles that also determine the design approach of our office.

These plans are personal resolutions, mappings of the inner desires of the designer. Accordingly, in some places they may be exaggerated, in some cases they do not use the most obvious solutions, but they are definitely suggestions, complete thoughts, complete compositions worth thinking about.

In the process of a current design, strong thoughts appear in a very early phase, which determine the main obstacles of the project. We then continue to work on these as a team, so that many individual ideas that we were able to experience and carry through can remain hidden, and we can comment on them when they are ready. These are useful circles that we rarely have time to go through in a live project.

House in Balatonfüred - How to vacation at home?

All planning begins with preparation. In parallel with setting up the personal design program, we collect and analyze good examples. We include external examples in the design process, we review realized references that can be used to assess the builder's mindset and direction. However, it is important to remember that an exemplary building is the end product of a process, not the path taken by the builder and his architect to create it.

It can be concluded that houses unilaterally dreamed up by a designer are rarely built without changes - just as design studies rarely become real products, which is probably a good thing. However, the ideas, forms and spatial situations inherent in it can serve as inspiration for the development of subsequent real commissions.

House in Pilisszentkereszt - Is it possible to organize an important function so that it can only be accessed from outside?

Perhaps this is the meaning of dreaming. It feels like running freely in a meadow where you know you can't fall, or like riding a bicycle with your hands free. It's good for the soul. This series is an inner walk in the designer's subconscious, a glimpsed thought. It's a useful game, especially if these abstract feelings can be transferred to something as mundane as a window, a roof, or a fence. A house under construction.

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